Insight: Racism can never be understood by non-POC, but we can all learn how to be actively anti-racist.
Big Idea: Showcase how racism can come in many different forms by targeting people across mediums they never thought could hold such conversations.
Copywriter: Clare Coey
Art director: Sierra Outcalt
BLM partners with the Economist to create a series of print ads related to how different forms of racisms show up. 
Reality is a social justice version of Monopoly, that encourages users to experience the realities of systemic racial injustice in America by playing with player-pieces outside of their own race.
Once users spin the player piece wheel, they will receive a corresponding player card preparing them for what’s to come. 
Google Takeover
The media is undeniably bias so the goal with our Google Search takeover is to portray abusive police accurately. 
The first photo is what you currently see when you search George Zimmerman on Google Images. But the second photo shows how we plan on altering your search result, by using the only photo that will depict him accurately, his mugshot.

With this Instagram pop up we aim to alert users of their implicit bias, and direct them to more creators of color.
There are inherent biases on all types of social media platforms. Many people will unknowingly only follow content creators and influencers of the same race. This popup will appear when a user visits a well known white creator, and will then encourage them to diversify their feed.
Radio Ads
Parent: I need to have a very important conversation with you about what to do when you get pulled over.

Child: But I’m a good driver though

Parent: Well this isn’t about your driving abilities. When you get pulled over, you need to comply with everything the police officer says, completely empty your hands and place them on the steering wheel. Always verbally state your actions before actually doing anything, and wait to receive confirmation from authorities. Never talk back or try to argue and never resist. These tips can save your life. 
Narrator: Why are these conversations exclusive to black families.

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and James Watts. All major inventors and household names.
 What about traffic lights? Who invented them? 
You might be driving on the road as we speak, paying attention to the cars and signs around you. But could you imagine the chaos that would ensue if traffic lights didn’t exist? 
Well, Garret Morgan is his name. A black businessman, community leader, and inventor in the 1920s who developed the vital yellow traffic light. Morgan patented the three light traffic system in 1923. 
Learn his name.
What’s the price of Skittles and Ice Tea? Around four dollars. But a particular trip to the convenience store for some candy and a drink cost Trayvon Martin his life. What would’ve been a 4 dollar purchase and an innocent walk home was what led a young black boy to be fatally shot in 2012.

What about the price of a cell phone? On March 18th 2018, 6 years after Trayvon’s death, as Stephon stood in his grandmother’s driveway making a simple phone call, two officers made an impulsive and unfounded judgment. In Stephon’s case, the price of a cell phone is 8 gunshots and consequently his life. 

These two tragedies are not isolated events, but a reflection of how deeply racism is embedded into American society. To join the movement go to​​​​​​​
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