Insight: Women don’t feel comfortable riding their bikes at night.
Big Idea: Equip bikes with technology that provide women security when riding their bikes
For women, a simple bike ride hardly ever feels safe. From verbal assaults to reckless drivers, women face multiple dangers on the road. We need to find a way to help women be safe and feel safe when biking. So by combining technology from Apple’s siri function and the Smart Halo 2 Bike Light we create Beam.
Smart Halo 2 is a simple round light that fits any standard handlebar, helping you navigate the roads by connecting to your phone and displaying lights that indicate directions. 
But Beam has an emergency mode feature - a series of preprogrammed safety measures that activate when you state your personal safety word. Safety measures include creating a custom message and having the ability to send your location to a list of emergency contacts when you feel threatened. 
Beam can also direct you to the nearest well-lit, populated location and contact the nearest police department after you state your safety word.
By combining the technology of Apple’s Siri and the Smart Halo 2 Bike Light, we can make protecting women as simple as, well, riding a bike. 
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